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Boys camping trip fall of 2021
Ms. Lady decided to come hang out for the day!
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“And now that you don’t have to be perfect you can be good.”

-John Steinbeck

Our Values






Our Vision

One day the world will be interconnected on an emotional level. We will see someone struggling and we will take action! Our vision is that people taking positive action will be the standard, not the exception. When we see a hungry man, we will teach him how to get food and he will have the self-worth to take action. One day everyone will feel valued, appreciated, and needed. Resilience will be built out of desire rather than necessity. Everyone will be able to give and receive love as freely. Vulnerability will be seen as a strength, to look at others and say, ” I need help please teach me…” One day love of one’s neighbor will be seen for what it is, the greatest wealth.

Mentoring services

As a trauma-certified mentoring program we understand what trauma is but more importantly what it looks like. We also understand the effects it has on us all. Through our mentoring program, we create experiences that change the way young people experience the world. How does your child view himself? Being happy and productive is a lot easier once a young person realizes how valuable they truly are. We look at our children and we know when they are at their best. Schedule a call today and let us see, how we can help you!

Virtual Mentoring

Time and space distance plays a part when it comes to mentoring the kids we serve. The truth is out of all the negatives that came out of 2020, one thing we learned to do is use our resources to the best of our ability. Mentoring kids can now be done through a variety of ways, zoom calls, text messaging, video games. How well do you know the individual your child is interacting with online. Having peace of mind knowing that your teen is getting guidance and direction from a trained and trusted adult is priceless.

Diversion Program

We create an individualized plan to help young people get the most out of their community service. Our goal is to make it a learning community experience. We start with a needs assessment and help them to experience the benefits of being an asset to the community. 


Focus on the people and things
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About Us

Growing is easy, growing up takes nurturance and guidance.

We are a mentoring agency developed to establish positive outcomes for a youth’s future success.  Our team is navigated by a leadership with a combined 50 years of experience in working with troubled youth.  We are here to assist and intervene when a youth’s choices, behaviors, and emotions have become concerning to the adults in their lives.  The team at J & M Mentoring strives first and foremost to develop a trustingrelationship, in which youth can feel safe to express themselves and work through issues, without feeling judgment or receiving biased feedback.  Our efforts of relationship building are driven to discover and enhance the distinct strengths specific to thatyouth.  These strengths are utilized to assist them in learning to gain back the control they once had in the areas that they were struggling in.  Our team does our best to conduct fun and engaging activities while learning lessons in life that will remain in their core value system, in order to overcome the difficulties in their life, sustain the progress made, and forward that progress into the next phases of their lives.  

What’s the most important part when educating, supporting or even disciplining a teenager?

The relationship we have with the youth we serve is what makes a difference. Who of us doesn’t want to feel supported, understood and appreciated? We understand how important it is to have healthy positive relationships, especially during adolescence. We focus on relationships, while at the same time help the youth we serve to actively become more resilient. We focus on 4 Key Areas Attachment, Achievement, Altruism, Personal Autonomy.

What Our Customers Say

When I got custody of my grandchildren I felt confident. I had already raised 4 biological children and helped a countless number of children in the community. I retired as a special education teacher, I was positive there was nothing this young man was going to teach me. Boy was I wrong! Matthew taught me tips and tricks that I never imagined. Among my favorite was about anger, how it’s a choice we make. Once we realized anger was a choice we had to acknowledge our role in creating peace in the house.
- Catherine Snider
When I think about J and M mentoring and work they do I only wish every kid had access to such great mentors.
Jessica A.
Social Worker
Since J and M mentoring and have worked together I have saw significant improvement in the kids we work with. They are more open, take more ownership and have more self worth. I look toward the future with a brighter hope for these young people because of J & M.
Desiree S.

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